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Speakers for Devialet 200
I am fairly new to this forum. I recently bought Devialet 200 and still experimenting  on the speakers. I currently use Def Tech 8060  with Transparent super cables. I am not satisfied with the quality of sound probably because of my speakers. I have narrowed down to either FOCAL SOPRA2 or REVEL ULTIMA STUDIO2. I auditioned the Focal Sopra2, hooked up to Devialet 200 and it sounded amazing. But I am not able to audition the Revel studio2 as I don't have dealer in my city. I have to rely on reviews. 
Would anyone from this forum have heard the Revel studio2 ? I came across a used 2 year old Revel Studio2 for $9000 CAD while the  new ones are $26000CAD. While the Focal sopar2 is being sold for $15,000 CAD new. I am torn between the choices. 
I mainly listen to Jazz, classical and instrumental. I know there are many audiophile in this form and would appreciate their inputs.
Hello and welcome to the forum! It appears you are in Canada; if you are on the west coast there is a limited range of products, but if you are in central or eastern Canada, you may have access to products that we don't have here. There is a thread where users list their amplifier and speakers. That may be a good place to start your research.

I recently purchased a pair of Lawrence Audio Violin SE loudspeakers. I think they are wonderful and I would encourage you to consider Lawrence Audio speakers. They have a tonal richness and expression that I think is startling. Here in Vancouver, Fidelity Acoustics makes some truly outstanding speakers but they would be hard to find elsewhere in Canada.

There are many Wilson and Focal owners here, so I'm sure they will chime in. Fewer Revel owners it seems, but perhaps some will come out of the shadows.

From my own experience (by which I mean, mistakes) I believe that there is real truth in matching of system components. My sense is that impedance profiles do matter. Among other factors.

Keep us up to date with your search.
W4S modified Sonos Connect & Cambridge CXC CD transport into a D220 Pro CI, capably carried by Analysis Plus Oval 9 speaker cable, and thence made expansive by Dali Epicon 2 speakers and juiced by wonderful custom power cords from NRG Custom Cables, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 
Vancouver, Canada
Lawrence Audio Violin SE speakers

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