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Summary of current Devialet issues
One day is a little too soon to call it solved... Smile

BTW, using only UPnP I didn't have similar problems.
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(28-Jul-2020, 23:56)Chrisey22 Wrote: Glad to hear you sorted that out , scout , it’s not really a problem as such because it only happens very rarely but obviously the worry is if it gets any worse and if anyone has had that problem.

Is a bit soon to say it´s solved, not a big issue, as you say but turned more often in the latest weeks.
We´ll see in the next days.
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(28-Jul-2020, 22:24)Chrisey22 Wrote: Mine sometimes stops playing with a record or streaming just for a second or two , sort of drops out ! My turntable is plugged in obviously and the innuos streamer is plug in
By USB . I would have thought it was a common problem at least someone must have had it ? Any ideas ?

Since you have it on both analog and digital inputs; this reminds me somewhat of an issue I and others had when the protection circuitry kicks in. Did you check for any stored error codes in the menu of your D? It could tell you what’s going on after it happens.
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