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Triode Wire Labs - American Speaker Cables
I am selling my Triode Wire Labs American speaker cables (

Model: American Speaker Cables, Cryogenically Treated with Ground Plane Passive Filtering Technology. Specifications: 2m lengths, with Premium Cardas bananas (CAB) on both speaker and amplifier ends.  Shipment Date: June 14, 2018

Had them for 2 years, so they are burned in.  They are in great condition. Please see pictures.
Looking for £550  £499. 


I also have TWL High Power Digital American 5ft power cord ( UK plug terminated, and Devialet case friendly IEC connector

Model: “High Power Digital American” Series, 13 amp Version, Cryogenically Treated with Conductive Gold Mylar and Conductive Carbon Fiber Shielding. Specifications: 5 foot length, Furutech FI-UK 1363 (G) gold-plated mains connector with a slimline Furutech FI-C15(G) IEC connector (designed for Devialet gear). 

& 0.75m TWL digital coax (spirit 75/ RCA)  cable.  

Model: “Spirit 75” Digital S/PDIF Interconnect Cable, Cryogenically Treated. Specifications: 0.75 meter length, Flash 24K gold-plated center RCA pins with an organic cotton outer core.

If someone is interested in this more complete loom please PM me and I will consider selling all items above. 

I am UK based so preferably ship only in Europe.

Kind regards,
ex-Expert 210 Pro 

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