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Unofficial remote control application for Expert
@gnulabis, Because I don't usually run wireshark on any of my macs I'll need to install it (I usually use it on Linux) although I'm not sure whether macos will allow switching to monitor and/or promiscuous modes.

However, macs do have tcpdump installed and this is used as part of the built in diagnostics that can be switched on for troubleshooting wifi. Using this feature I've captured what is being received when my 440pro is powered up. 

The attached zip contains a  'pcap' file.  (subset of what was captured).

Have a look and see if its of any use.

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Expert 440Pro, Audiovector SR6 AA, Linn KDSM, McIntosh MCD600, Clarity 09 TT (with Rega RB1000/Apheta), Rega IOS, Marantz SR6014

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