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Upgrading RPM 9, worth it?

Im new here and first time post.

I have Project 9.1 RPM TT and thinking replace it with Xetntion 12 or Signature 10, or VPI Prime or Signature.
I like hi resolution and details more than musicality, and my current TT seems best for musicality level, but as for details i felt might be short, but not sure because i never auditioned other TTs in my systems (which is very high end revealing gears).
My question is upgrade will improve SQ to significant level or little?   And would be significant differences between Project and VPI?
Thanks a lot for answering
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Hello @Anlog25 , welcome to the forum. I own a Pro-ject Signature 12. Before I bought it I managed to audition a number of turntables, including Rega P10, a top spec Roxan Xerxes, Michele Orb with SME V, and yes, a Pro-Ject Signature 10. At the time, all were auditioned with the Cadenza Black, D800 and KEF Blade.

Although I ultimately bought the Pro-ject Signature 12, I would say that it was the Rega P10 that impressed most in terms of pure detail retrieval. Maybe something to consider?

I would also say that the Pro-ject Signature 10 is very nearly as good as the Signature 12, the 10 is definitely the sweet spot value wise, but for detail, take a look at the Rega.
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Thanks all for great inputs, and Confused a lot, your description very helpful.
Anybody compare PJ Signature 10 with VPI Prime or Signature and what difference found, these models comparable to each other from price point? Thanks

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