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XLR AES Ground Lift Experiments
Hi all,

Wanted to share another tweak that is worth experimenting with.

I got some these XLR ground lift adapters, that can be used to disconnect the ground pin 1 in the AES / XLR input of the Devialet Experts.

Hosa XLR3F Ground Lifter - Microphone Adapters | Hosa Cables (
The specific adapter I tried was the Hosa GLT-255 which costs about $10 each.

I'm using it on my RCA-XLR link cable between Master & Companion units, and also trying it out on the AES input from my Singxer SU-6 DDC with interesting results.

In general, I think it results in a smoother, more airy soundstage. For my system the mids are clearer and the highs are less sibilant. With some music the sound feels holographic. It skews the balance of sound more towards 'bigger, wider and relaxed' rather than 'focused'.
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