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Full Version: Aavik U300 vs Dev D800
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Had a nice demo between Aavik U300 and D800 today. To cut it short, Aavik with Ansuz feet (C version) better than Devialet D800, BUT put the same feet on D800 and D800 takes home the crown, no doubt. I am staying with Dev and will add Ansuz feet.

More to come from Guillaume and Gentleman on this forum who is still attending this amazing shoot out in Sweden.

By the way, we played on Sasha 2.

Also C digital RCA to RCA from Ansuz kicked some serious a**-

More to come from others that attended.

Lookling forward to reading about this!
Photos please

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(27-Jun-2015, 21:28)archer75 Wrote: [ -> ]Photos please

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Stefan and Guillaume took some, they will probably release some notes and pictures after they get their power back.... there where a steady supply of beer...

I'll be interested to hear your opinions about the U300. I had a look at the user manual a few days ago, and felt there were a few things I might find hard to live with. Having got used to the Devialet's plentiful options for configuration, lack of flexibility bothered me. But would still love to hear how it sounds!

After a long night at my house i can summit some of my impressions Smile

The battle between Aavik and Devialet 800 was interesting, because the warmer the Aavik got, the better it sounded.
But when coming head to head even with SAM off on my Sasha 2, still think that the "body" was more on the Devialet with or without ansuz feet
Firmware used on Dev was 8.12

Source was the Meridian Control 15 with Ansuz digital Cable, that sounded absolutly Amazing
All source comparising was done with local media on the Meridian harddrive

Aavik was "softer" in a good way, but still think it lack the performance and dynamics for that price tag. (25000 euro)
The Devialet 800 combo is not cheap either, but i think the "future" of upgrades is in the advantage of Devialet.

Aavik only have RCA, but have built-in RIAA
The real downer was the remote, a cheap apple remote that comes with Apple-TV

Some pictures of the system..the last is the monster network player from "Gentleman", that was fantastic!

By the way..the "Olive" player was also Amazing with a cool touch screen as a media player (Picture show it)
It is also a integrated amp Shy

Not everyone seen in the sofa (Gentleman, myself and Bengt), looks like they are dreaming of something else Wink

[Image: IMG_1475.JPG]

[Image: IMG_1476.JPG]

[Image: IMG_1482.JPG]

[Image: IMG_1485.JPG]
I edited the size attributes off the img tags - wasn't displaying for some reason though it displayed fine in preview. Weird.

What are the two amplifier-looking things in pic4?
Why do guys in listening sessions always look either extremeley tired or bored? Wink Smile Must be them concentrating really hard.

Pic4 looks like a massive power supply into two PC's. I also recognize a JCAT/bakoon battery PSU and perhaps a DAC below it. And there's a PS Audio device on the ground.
Looks like a PS Audio P5 lurking on the floor, too.
Eat - sleep - rave - repeat .....
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