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Full Version: adamk's system
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[Image: image_zpsotparppo.jpeg]

Am yet anotherĀ convert from Naim land.

The system
Linn LP12 SE
BelCanto CD3t
Fiio X5

Le 400

Neat Ultimatum MF7

Isotek Sigmas
Cabling, nothing special as not a believer
Racks are Hutter Racktime

Have been into music all my life so have amassed a large collection (1500 LP's, 1500 cd's)
AFAIAC Vinyl is king - the plan is to archive the cd's but will I ever get the time.
Anyway, there is an outbreak of domestic harmony as the racks have shrunk and the black boxes with the green lights have gone.
That's a big change, Adam. How are you getting on with it?

I'm perfectly happy and not missing the Salisbury stuff at all.
That's good to hear! Btw, it's "ray70" from wigwam (we met at a bake off at my house a few years back). I'm contemplating a D200/400 myself as I look to simplify my hi-fi life.
Hi Ray, fond memories of the Wam's golden age.
Just give me a shout if you want to hear a 400 in a more relaxed setting than a dealers