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Full Version: Upgrade program kick-off
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I thought Europe based people received mails that Sept 15th the upgrade program would start. Anyone received a mail today on how to enter?
Nothing for me (Netherlands)
Nope nothing here either......what a surprise Smile
The first mail said:
Quote:"Due to logistics, the Upgrade Program will start first within the European Union, but rest assured your country will open soon."

OK, Germany seems not to be part of the EU any more ;-(
Did not no that so far ;-)

Quote:"Would you please let me know your country of residence so that I can inform you as soon as the Upgrade program opens for you?"

Let them know BUT never heard from them again...
Let's hope for X-mas (this year) :-)
Nothing here either.
(15-Sep-2016, 19:41)kerkhoffd Wrote: [ -> ]Nothing here either.

Did anyone call them?
NO, as - in no way - I am not going to buy a pig in a poke!
And not at all from Devialet Dodgy

I will wait for some experiences first and (of course) I want to see what it will be all about with the streamingboard in 2017. To many empty promises in the past Undecided

No confidence in their words anymore at this time.

And maybe it will be more effective to invest in a new streamer or the upgrade of my Gauder Cassiano D speakers to MKII as well. To many unknown things right now. Time will tell. As long as Devialet does not show they made their homeworks I will not spend one more cent in them. Hyping a streamerboard for 2017 not even knowing how it will work and what it will do? What a strategy...
(16-Sep-2016, 09:11)Nightmare Wrote: [ -> ]Hyping a streamerboard for 2017 not even knowing how it will work and what it will do?

I suppose they haven't selected the streamer board yet, so it's understandable that they cannot say which features it will support etc.

They announce it. They promote it. They say, what it is worth (what it will cost) and that you get it for free, when you are an upgrader for a pro modell now. AND they do not even know how it will work and what it will do. Pitiful. And no base at all on which I would decide now to upgrade.