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Dear all,

I've got some big news, well for me at least, and I thought it important that I share this with the rest of the forum for reasons which will become very clear in a few seconds....  Big Grin

I have just become the official distributor for Shunyata Research in the UK! Some of you may recall that a few months ago I got my hands on a number of their products and was literally blown away by their performance. I initially approached another distributor I know well about taking them on but he wasn't able to for a number of reasons. It just seemed crazy to me that there wasn't a UK distributor. To cut a very long story short I decided to take a huge leap into the unknown and give it a go myself! After months of discussions and now just back from a trip to Seattle I am now proud to announce that I have formed a new company: The Shunyata Distribution Company which will soon start trading pending VAT registration and one or two other formalities. I know, I'm crazy, but sometimes these opportunities come up in life and you just have to go for it. It's always been my dream to work in hi-fi.

Before anyone freaks out I have no intention of using the forum to blatantly promote Shunyata. Whilst dealers and manufacturers are welcome on the forum we have always taken quite a hard line against blatant product advertising and this is not about to change! No way!

Having said that I do not intend to leave the forum; I am still a Devialet owner and this place very much feels like home. It's amazing to think that it was almost 2.5 years ago when I started PM'ing members of Hifi Wigwam with an idea of creating a dedicated Devialet forum. We now have over 2600 members and are one of the busiest hi-fi forums on the internet averaging just under 60 posts a day! Anyway I digress... the point is Devialet Chat means a lot to me and I am not about to compromise my integrity because of my arrangement with Shunyata.

So if everyone is OK with this I propose that nothing changes. I'll keep my business activities low-key and won't discuss products unless anyone specifically asks about them. I will update my signature shortly and restrict any discussion about Shunyata to the Shunyata thread. Smile In short I promise to abide by the very forum rules I helped to install.  

Many congratulations Guillaume, and I wish you success in your new venture.
Good luck Guillaume!
It's always nice to be able to make a dream come through.
Good luck! I am surprised to learn that Shunyata did not have a UK distributor prior to this.
Good luck.

FWIW I would welcome more industry involvement in the site, just as long as it's clearly labeled so people know, and they don't deluge every thread with 'my products are great' type posts. Difficult balance to get right though.
Good luck with the venture. They seem like great products and are close to impossible to get hold of in the UK.

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Just to add my best wishes too. I hope it all works out for you. Its great to make money out of something you enjoy as a hobby.
The lengths some people will go to to get trade prices Big Grin

(Best of luck with it).
Congrats Guillaume. I totally share your enthousiasm on Shunyata Research power products.
(31-Oct-2016, 15:45)thumb5 Wrote: [ -> ]Many congratulations Guillaume, and I wish you success in your new venture.



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