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Full Version: Christmas logo
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Top notch, very festive!
(01-Dec-2016, 20:43)thumb5 Wrote: [ -> ]Top notch, very festive!

Just thought I'd cheer things up a little in here!  Big Grin

Glad you like it.

Happy holidays all!  Smile
haha great!

Looks real nice, thanks for getting us all in the Christmas sprit.

Looks great! Deft touch, happy holidays to all, I have enjoyed the company of all over the past year. This has to be the nicest online community I have ever been a part of.


North America/USA/West Coast/CA
Haha, brilliant logo! Smile
(02-Dec-2016, 10:56)Antoine Wrote: [ -> ]Haha, brilliant logo! Smile

Snow man and reindeer. Very Northern Hemisphere... 44.6 degrees Celsius out here in the desert today. I doubt we'll be seeing any snow man around here

Happy holiday season everyone. You're a fun bunch.
This is released early because Guillaume will, over time, extend the nose on the first "speech bubble" character to correlate with Devialet's issue of more Christmassy "offers".
Really like it .... classy!
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