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Full Version: Seasons Greetings to all Devialet “chatters “
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Well it is time of year yet again and I notice that the Forum Header has taken on its festive look!

So Seasons greetings to one and all Smile.

Hello, wish you all a Merry Christmas Angel
Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all!


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Hope you all have a merry and peaceful Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year.

Happy Holidays all! Wishing a wonderful 2018 to all.

Seasons greetings to all. This is the most civilized audio forum I have visited in last 10 years with many great contributors!
Hope 2018 brings lot of joy to everyone!!!
Happy Holidays!
Happy Holidays / fijne feestdagen

Best wishes to all for the Holidays. My thanks for your observations, thoughts and advice throughout the year. Warren
Seasons greetings to one and all.....

I’m sure looking forward to the break and hopefully a chance to enjoy some music!
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