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Is it normal to find so few albums in DSD format, with the exception of classical music, opera, ... Why are not the last releases published in this format?
Or did I miss something?
Thank you
Hello, you are right the choice is quite modest. Here two portals for DSD albums.
Thank you.
Yes I know but I ask the question of "commercial" albums. Why the latest "commercial" release do not come out in DSD format.
Thank you
Record companies go for 'most popular' as format for distribution and this is a pure numbers game. DSD is probably near to non existing in this count. Even FLAC is rather marginal in this context, but the main reason is most likely that studios record and mix in multitrack PCM. DSD is a 'pure' format best suited to live-with-no-mixing. Converting PCM to DSD is extra work and is often looked upon as 'cheating' by audiophiles. DXD is a PCM format which is supposed to have better properties for converting to DSD, but also this is being criticized. Many DACs can play DXD (352.8kHz) directly so there is less reason to deliver it converted to DSD. Upsampling PCM to DSD on playback in the home (Roon, HQPlayer) is used by many as one then can select which upsampling sounds best for your particular system.
Hello, A big thank you for your reply. With roon, it is possible to upsample dsd? thank you dom
Yes, Roon can convert your DSD to a different DSD format as well as PCM to DSD. In my system PCM sounds better, but this is totally system dependent.
OK thank you for the information. I will test it as soon as possible.
(27-Mar-2019, 14:05)m.dom Wrote: [ -> ]Hello, A big thank you for your reply. With roon, it is possible to upsample dsd? thank you dom

Yes, you can upsample DSD with Roon but it won'd do you any good. The maximum the DSD rate the Devialet's DAC can handle is DSD 64, the lowest DSD resolution, and the maximum PCM sampling rate the DAC can handle is 192 kHz. If you upsample to  higher resolutions then the resulting signal is going to have to be downsampled again in order for the DAC to be able to process it. In my experience you don't gain anything by introducing processing which has to be reversed again later in the signal path and depending on the quality of the original processing and the quality of the processing in the later reversal you may actually make things worse.

Stick with DSD64. That's what the Devialet can handle and it will give the computer or server or whatever you're running Roon on an easier job. Upsampling DSD64 to DSD 128 or higher only to have to downsample it back to DSD64 for the Devialet's DAC is wasted processing in my view.
I played around with oversampling because my new Lumin would handle it, but agree with David in that I did not notice any difference when going above dsd64 or 192 kHz.

To be honest, I don’t hear much of a difference with higher res native Quboz material over their standard cd quality. It could be my aging hearing though, so definitely suggest you experiment for yourself.
(27-Mar-2019, 07:53)K4680 Wrote: [ -> ]Hello, you are right the choice is quite modest. Here two portals for DSD albums.

Another good source of DSD64 downloads is Blue Coast Music, here:

Cookie Marenco, the label boss and studio engineer records direct to DSD. I remember reading an article by her describing why recording to DSD is so difficult, but couldn’t find it.

Edit: there are some interesting articles on DSD here:
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