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Full Version: Last Fault A 2304
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Does anybody know what this last fault code, A 2304 means? It says nothing more, just A 2304. I have noticed this twice after the last update (february 2019) on my Expert 220 Pro, CI.

I haven't experienced any problems with the amp, I have just seen this Message, twice, when I occasionally check Last Fault Report.
I have of course asked Devialet support, but it seems to me that they don`t know....
I had this error many times, some time ago, on my Expert 140 Pro. I reported this issue to Devialet Support, and I also worked with them trying to find the cause and the fix. After a few months (including a testing unit sent to me by Devialet for more than 1 month), there was no result. Devialet cannot provide a description or cause of this error, so they change my unit with a new one.
I didn't see A 2304 error on my new unit (instead I did see "A 4098 OVER VOLTAGE" error), but right after unit replacement I switched to dual mono, so my configuration was changed...
Here is the answer I received from the Devialet regarding this:

"Thanks for reporting this issue to us.
For now, we can ensure that this error shown in the system is harmless for both the amplifier and the speakers as it is not indicating to any specific failure of your system.
On the other side, our audio engineer back in Paris is well noted with this issue and will begin an investigation on this error massage, in order to find out what is the factors of causing this or if there is any bugs in the software side.
Once the issue is spotted, it will be addressed in the future software upgrade. This case will be closed temporary.
Please do not hesitate to let us know if there any unusual behaviors with your system by replying to this email and we will look into it again.
Thanks again for your understanding and help in this matter"
a few days ago I experienced some power outage. Several times the current disappeared in a split second and came back so fast again.
My Dev Pro 220 CI works great, but this error appeared.
Let's see what Dev support will say
I did not notice anything harmful when I had error A 2304.
However, after that I had several Devialet amplifiers and none of them gave this error. That's why I think it's worth replacing the amplifier.
I remember that the main suspect was the internal power supply.