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Full Version: Devialet raised 51 million euros last year!
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I wonder if anyone noticed that Devialet raised a further 51 million Euros last year!

This number included a 35 million loan from the European Investment Bank.

Based on reports in the French financial press it seems that much of this money is earmarked for expansion of distribution channels into Asia, namely China, South Korea and Japan. New flagship stores in Beijing and Shanghai are being considered.

Also mentioned in this article is the aim to reduce development time of new products. 

It does seem as though commercialisation of the Phantom Reactor is the main focus.

Looks like Devialet are placing all their bets on the Phantom range. Does anyone have figures on Devialet’s sales and profitability, particularly by product range? Am very puzzled as to any form of strategic direction residing within the company or being remotely communicated to its customers. I love my Pro and have never had a moment’s trouble from it, but why should I have the confidence to commit to upgrading to a 1,000 Pro?
Unfortunately Expert Line has mainly be abandoned :-(
How did u come to that conclution ?
I think Devialet has learned from the lesson that aggressively releases new model and deprecating previous model in short timeframe isn’t the way to rock in HiFi industry, it’s not like the mobile phone market. Do you want Devialet ask you to do an $5-10K upgrade every 3 years?
I don’t think anyone wants or would appreciate major upgrades of our hardware costing thousands of dollars every few years. However, as the CI board was allegedly created to at least accommodate significant software developments, I would have hoped that some form of coherent software development plan would have been prepared and shared with its customers. Devialet is currently a development black hole which is very far from reassuring for those of us who have spent significant sums of money on what appeared to be a futuristic product with futuristic plans.