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Full Version: Really good recordings
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Hi folks

Tried to find a thread about extraordinary recordings. Where one experience that the muscians are in the same room. Like an album of Jeff Berlin. Someone else that would like to recommend a recording?
Take a look on the „One Mic recordings“ from Soundliaison in DSD:

atb, Tom
Bright Red - Laurie Anderson is an excellent recording. Well worth a listen.
@ tom539 and @ ozthepoz, thanks for suggestions. Will dig deeper in those.
Oh, and try Cowboy Junkies - Trinity Sessions. Not the purest recording, but very atmospheric.
love Bright Red
Most of the recordings by norwegian label 2L are very very good. Among those the TrondheimSolistene are just outstanding.

Folk Singer Muddy Waters.  Excellent on Chess vinyl.  Also excellent on Tidal MQA. Probably great on my old walkman (if I still had it).

[attachment=4097]Fairytales med Radka Toneff
I was trying to find the CD called 'Dali CD volume 1', but its out of print. Spotify has a playlist with the same name and same songs. The recording quality and most songs are worthy of demo material. Highly recommended. I guess, I need to find these songs on Qobuz and create a playlist there. There's a version of 'Saint James Infirmary Blues' by a little known band called 'The Stimulators'. It been on my rotation whenever anything changes on the system.
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