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Full Version: Devialet Reactor Phantom Opera
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Because gold makes everything sound better.

[Image: palast-2019_09_27-31303_2.png]
Oh man. What the hell is this?
They should work on software for more stability and EQ and Airplay2...!
Yeah, seems Devialet are often spending their time on things no one has asked for instead of working to deliver what they promised years ago. This seems an unethical approach to me.
To their defense, getting someone to glue some leaf gold on the side panels of a limited number of speakers is a lot less time consuming than making good software. I don't believe / hope not it's the same persons pimping the Reactors as programming DOS2. Could be a mess.

Actually Devialet is a bit slow, the gold wrapping has already been done.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3775]
No, but it's insulting. Is that the only difference, some gold leaf? Who are the customers that want that?

Their focus is lost. Their marketing team is thinking about this, their manufacturing teams and partners, their product owners and their roadmaps. I don't get it. Focus on delivering what you promised. Maybe try to overdeliver. Don't waste time making stuff no one wants - gold leaf phantoms, live on phantom, playlists, lost recordings. I hate their self-indulgent ridiculous marketing campaigns. Just make great products that do what you promised, instead of all this pretentious crap.
Yeah, I think you are right.
I thought sblut bzyin one or two more reactors. But with the current Quality there is no chance.