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Full Version: docvale gets devialet-ed
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Hi Guys,

Second thread and recent Devialet owner here.
Just before Christmas I gifted myself with a used Expert 120, which became the center of a system that is completely new for me, with the exception of the analog front end.

This system is composed of:
- Large music library of files in lossless format, placed in a HDD cabled to an Apple Airport Extreme
- Bluesound Node 2i, hardwired to the Airport, used only as streamer and controlled through its (very intuitive and effective) app for iPhone
- Devialet Expert 120, hooked to the Node via SPDIF coaxial
- Focal Aria 936, using the dedicated SAM profile of the Devialet (I played with it very quickly, so I haven't tested the actual impact of SAM on the sound)
- Pro-Ject RPM 1.3, using the custom profile of the Dev phono stage for the Sumiko Pearl and sitting on a new Ground It E isolating platform with sorbothane pads under the spikes.

The system is in a relatively large room, with ample communications with other environments of my home's first floor and with an asymmetrical cathedral ceiling. Technically, far from perfect, but the best solution for me to have the system in a non-isolation pod.

Coming from a system based on Focal Chorus 705V bookshelf speakers in a small apartment, I basically switched from an almost near field listening experience to a more compelling and challenging one. At first, it seemed the Devialet did not have the strength to play loud, at least at the default setting.
Even if the speakers were used too, I cannot hide it seems they went through a break-in process, coming out as more authoritative after some hours of drive by the Dev.
I consider myself happy with the system! 
I know the analog front end is its weakest part, and, maybe, I'll upgrade the cartridge to a better MM (from Ortofon, I assume) or to a high output MC. Let's see...
Classic and beautiful looking system, Docvale.
Hope you are enjoying your Devialet / HiFi journey Smile