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Full Version: Tale of Two Expert Pros !
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I have had the set-up for a while but did not get around to post the pictures.

System #1: This is in home-office cum entertainment room for one! It is a very small space. It is only used by me (mostly), I decided to fit in all the things that I wanted back then Wink Started with a 2-channel and slowly moved it into a 5.1.4 set up. The space is really good for 2-channel listening. For movie watching it is immersive, especially with Auro 3D. However the Atmos effects, probably due to the size of the room and position of the speakers, I do not feel that kind of wow  Sad 

A bit of sound treatment is also done. Nothing super scientific (basic reflection points as well as convenience positioning of the sound panels)


System #2: This resides in the Living Room. It is quite large space and the floor standers do a great job if I crack up the volume a bit. Super low volumes, it is a bit of miss


I have had my share of upgraditis for a long time and some how Expert Pro seems to cure it  Cool
Nice setups!
Are you using SAM for stereo?
(20-Mar-2021, 20:14)ragwo Wrote: [ -> ]Nice setups!
Are you using SAM for stereo?

Yes! I actually picked speakers which are compatible with SAM. 

I think it is a brilliant thing and it is such a waste if SAM can not be used. Given my smallish speakers, SAM makes them more tight and a bit powerful feeling  Smile