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Full Version: SD Card Slot failing
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Has anyone else reach the point where their SD Card slot is getting worn? My eject mechanism is weakening, and my D220/CI often reports an "SD card error - please press front button".

I have tried 4 different SD cards and two card reader/writers, plus quick re-formatting of cards.

I know what you all must be thinking... Yes - I'm an obsessive Sweet Room EQ and Configurator editor, so LOTS of in & out with SD cards!

Anyone done a "spring-clean" (pun intended) on their card slot without sending it back to Devialet?
Might be a weak contact on one or more of the contact "springs" in the slot. A "spring-clean" may help. Or you have to check the solder joints. I believe the SD slot is located on the CI board stacked with the ethernet port. With some luck (and DIY skills) you can remove the board and take a look. Other than that you'll probably have to ship the amp for repair.
Make sure your SD card is SDHC type, and size is not bigger than 4GB.
You can also try to format the card, but full format (not quick format).
I had similar problems a couple of years ago starting before my CI board upgrade. What I found initially is that I had to be very precise with the way I pushed the card into the slot if I wanted to get the Devialet to read the card, if I inserted the card with a bit more pressure on one side than the other, I got the SD card error message.

Things got worse after the amp came back from the CI board upgrade, culminating in my getting the card error every time I inserted the card making it impossible to change the configuration or do a firmware upgrade. At that stage I contacted Devialet and they asked me to send the amp back to them for repair. It was away for about 12 days which, given I'm in Australia and it was sent to France for repair, was a quite fast turnaround in my view. It's worked perfectly since then.

I have no idea what the problem with the card slot was. Devialet, informative as they always are, provided no information on what the problem was or what they had done to fix the amp.

I think you're going to have to send your amp back to Devialet but they can fix it and the turnaround time was fast back in 2019 when mine went back to them. It may take longer now with shipping delays due to the pandemic but probably not too much longer.
You might find that using an SD card extension cable may help: at least that way when you insert and remove the SD card it's not stressing or exercising the SD card slot in the amp itself. Much easier and cheaper to replace the extension if it eventually fails.
Thanks everyone. David-A has a pretty accurate account of what happens - the way its pushed in seems to matter until it gets to the point where nothing works.
I would have thought bad formatting problems would give consistent errors, rather than just sometimes.

And I wish I had known about SD card extension cables years ago!

I think I'm VERY close to my 5yr warranty period (if not exceeded) as I bought it second hand about 3yrs ago.