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Full Version: Nick's System
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Hi All

Finally got my system back to home and all set up so thought I'd throw up a couple of pics.

Huge changes over the last year gone from Valve pre amp - valve phono stage and valve power amp with external dac and MAC miniĀ and Colin Topps Edingdale speakers.


Silk step up transformers
Mac Mini
Devialet 400
Magico S5

The one constant is my Garrard 401 based record system

System now is fantastic with great resolution and deep deep bass. That's it I am not buying any more stuff



The view from my listening position with the dog as usual "relaxing"

Very nice!
Mmm, Springer Spaniel?
No, Cocker Spaniel !
I like your comment: "That's it, I'm not buying more stuff" mate. With that system, neither would I. Enjoy the music!
Sweet. Do you feel that wooden floor does not require any treatment?
It is a very thick (like me) We did this house up about 5 years ago and stripped everything out and started from scratch. All the mains and cables run under the floor and I put in 6 x 60 amp spurs to connector blocks from a dedicated consumer unit.

The wooden floor is double layer with 19 mm marine ply under 19 mm oak boards and then under that is acoustic insulation to make it as dead as possible. It all sounds pretty good to me but I have 3 mates coming round for a listen tomorrow (they are all valve heads with home built stuff) they will tell me if they don't like it I think.
Your turntable looks gigantic!
My turntable is gigantic !!!!!! and very heavy !!!