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Full Version: Warm-Up
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Maybe it's my ears, or lateness of the hour during past listening sessions, but I think my stereo Phantom Premier Classic 103dB rig sounds sweeter after a couple of hours of playback. Perhaps it's their hybrid classic A/B amplification.

[Image: P0Zzfq3.jpg]
I guess you mean hybrid class A/D
Felt the same when I had the 250. Took maybe an hour to sound its best from cold. I kept it mostly on (in stdby) for this reason.
(17-Jan-2023, 13:37)ogs Wrote: [ -> ]Ik neem aan dat je hybride klasse A / D bedoelt . Ik
voelde hetzelfde toen ik de 250 had. Het duurde misschien een uur voordat het op zijn best klonk als het koud was. Ik hield het om deze reden meestal aan (in stdby).

+1 also for all the phantoms
Totally agree! Unless going on vacation, they are always on standby.
(19-Jan-2023, 18:00)MGremlin Wrote: [ -> ]Totally agree! Unless going on vacation, they are always on standby.

Glad to hear it's not my imagination. I keep the Phantoms I on standby. I think they still sound sweeter after their internal amps warm up because of music playback over the course of 1 - 2 hours.
The 250 (and I guess the other amps too) had two kinds of standby, one light and one deep. The deep was actually almost off. Only enough circuits powered to turn the amp back on from the remote. Light mode just lowered amp power and muted (I think) the output. I used the light mode which is why the amp didn't need warm up. From deep or power off I heard basically the same as @supaDean .