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SOLD: Chord Hugo (black) - Hifi_swlon - 09-Nov-2015

I've got a Chord Hugo, in black for sale. SOLD

It's never left the house - it was the DAC in my previous home setup - so is in fantastic condition. Its the newer version with larger RCA sockets.  Box/accessories etc.

I was going to hang onto it to use for headphone use, but I can't really justify it especially as I'm on the hunt for new speakers and source!

I have a Vertere D-Fi cable I used with it that I could do a deal on too - works really well with the Hugo.

PM for pics/more info.

RE: FS: Chord Hugo (black) - Hifi_swlon - 15-Nov-2015

Reduced to £800.

RE: FS: Chord Hugo (black) - Hifi_swlon - 29-Nov-2015

Sold elsewhere, stp.

RE: SOLD: Chord Hugo (black) - Hifi_swlon - 30-Nov-2015

now SOLD