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Christmas logo - thumb5 - 01-Dec-2016

Top notch, very festive!

RE: Christmas logo - GuillaumeB - 01-Dec-2016

(01-Dec-2016, 20:43)thumb5 Wrote: Top notch, very festive!

Just thought I'd cheer things up a little in here!  Big Grin

Glad you like it.


RE: Christmas logo - MightyMart - 01-Dec-2016

Happy holidays all!  Smile

RE: Christmas logo - Xander - 01-Dec-2016

haha great!

RE: Christmas logo - BrianT - 01-Dec-2016


Looks real nice, thanks for getting us all in the Christmas sprit.


RE: Christmas logo - baddog - 02-Dec-2016

Looks great! Deft touch, happy holidays to all, I have enjoyed the company of all over the past year. This has to be the nicest online community I have ever been a part of.


North America/USA/West Coast/CA

RE: Christmas logo - Antoine - 02-Dec-2016

Haha, brilliant logo! Smile

RE: Christmas logo - Pim - 02-Dec-2016

(02-Dec-2016, 10:56)Antoine Wrote: Haha, brilliant logo! Smile

Snow man and reindeer. Very Northern Hemisphere... 44.6 degrees Celsius out here in the desert today. I doubt we'll be seeing any snow man around here

Happy holiday season everyone. You're a fun bunch.

RE: Christmas logo - IanG-UK - 04-Dec-2016

This is released early because Guillaume will, over time, extend the nose on the first "speech bubble" character to correlate with Devialet's issue of more Christmassy "offers".

RE: Christmas logo - AllenB - 04-Dec-2016

Really like it .... classy!