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Happy new year - Finn - 01-Jan-2017

From Denmark too all of you i say HAPPY NEW YEAR Tongue

RE: Happy new year - Cylob - 01-Jan-2017

Happy New Year to everyone!

RE: Happy new year - baddog - 01-Jan-2017

From California, Happy New Years to All!

RE: Happy new year - Axel - 01-Jan-2017

Happy, prosperous and peaceful New Year to all!


RE: Happy new year - David1 - 01-Jan-2017

A happy and audiophile new year :-).

RE: Happy new year - thumb5 - 01-Jan-2017

Happy New Year to all!


RE: Happy new year - Hifi_swlon - 01-Jan-2017

Happy New Year!

RE: Happy new year - Pim - 01-Jan-2017

Wishing you all the best and all the exitement we know only Devialet can deliver for 2017... and I'm feeling generous....2018 too.

RE: Happy new year - Womaz - 01-Jan-2017

Happy new year to all of the Devialet chat members and to guillame and Rufus for running this forum for which I am sure we are all grateful.

Happy new year - Chris Marshall - 01-Jan-2017

Happy new year to all on Devialet Chat, looking forward to all that 2017 will bring.

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