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Finally some news update - markush - 09-Sep-2019

Though just another round of promises.
Just replace Phantom with Expert line Smile)

RE: Finally some news update - JohnnySix - 09-Sep-2019

Yeah, they missed out "We aim to get this update to you as soon as 2023".

RE: Finally some news update - pjlarge - 09-Sep-2019

lip service
noun [ U ] US   /ˈlɪp ˌsɜr·vɪs/

to publicly support or approve of something, while actually taking no action to produce it:
A lot of adults pay lip service to the idea that it is important to listen to teenagers' ideas, but they tend to listen and then forget.
Is this a real promise, or is this just lip service?

RE: Finally some news update - markush - 10-Sep-2019

Haha didn’t know this term exists Smile) Great fit in this case.
BTW: they seem to respond on Instagram -
So if some of you are Instagram users it’s a good idea to poke them there Wink