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RE: My Phantom voyage - ragwo - 08-Nov-2021

Third time's the charm, maybe.
The other woofer is air tight though, so there's progress.

RE: My Phantom voyage - ragwo - 08-Nov-2021

At last air tight! 

Next up, the Frankenphantom.

RE: My Phantom voyage - ragwo - 11-Nov-2021

A 2 mm gasket was too thin, 3 mm too thick. The 2.5 mm gasket should hopefully work.
It does! Finally no more leaks around the joints.

The constant disassembling and reassembling of the speaker makes for a temporary quick fix to the ensure an easier way to seal off the Frankenphantom while testing. The 3 mm flexible rubber foam gasket is reused as a sealing for the woofer.

To no-ones surprise a new problem has emerged. When crancking up the volume to about 50 while playing a 20Hz sine wave the woofer in the picture starts making noises again. The voice coil hits the magnet and I have to readjust it. That could be a time consuming task as I have no way of replicating the problem without assembling the speaker for every test. I suspect that's going to be quite annoying and really boring after just the first test and inevitable failure. Wish me luck.

RE: My Phantom voyage - ogs - 12-Nov-2021

Looking at the surface of the driver this might be due to a vibrational instability that transfers to the voice coil when the driver is set in strong motion. The only way to see what is happening is using an adjustable stroboscope or laser interferometry to observe how the driver behaves under load. It is probably not a fixed deformation as the noise would then be present all the time. So it could be non-linear cone motion transferring to other parts of the driver. If you could see how it behaves you'd know which dent to work on..

By the way, you are now definitely the resident Master of Phantoms here at DC Smile

RE: My Phantom voyage - ragwo - 13-Nov-2021

I believe you're spot on in your assumptions regarding a vibrational instability. The first adjustment yesterday went tits up, and when I played some actual music instead of test tones the other woofer started making noises too when cranking up the volume to about 50. If it was a static problem it would be way easier to fix. I'll have to try to sort out the dents when the tools arrive. This will be a long-time project of I don't take a shortcut and get hold of a new donor speaker.

RE: My Phantom voyage - ragwo - 14-Nov-2021

New update on the lawn mower sounds. The origin is this side of the voice coil. 
Actually it's no surprise with the severe deformation at the top of the voice coil. The other woofer has a similar damage. Hopefully removing the dents will make the adjustment easier.

RE: My Phantom voyage - ragwo - 22-Dec-2021

An update before Xmas.
I've taken a shortcut as the dent puller kit never arrives. I found this beauty, actually it found me as the owner replied on my wanted ad, and it arrived a couple of days ago.
It's cosmetically almost perfect with just a minor dent in a dust cap. The internals are dead. After just over two hours, two speakers were dismantled, internals were switched and both speakers were assembled. Only the hard part resides, the gluing of the dust caps. I'm almost getting efficient! The Frankenphantom internals are now doing their duty in the new speaker, and I am out of Phantom projects at the moment. Picture break! 
I have no idea where to use it, maybe as a garden speaker next summer to terrorise the neighbours? It's not upgradable to DOS2 but I can connect it to Roon via AirPlay and play insanely loud polka until my neighbour's kids stop playing sh**tty music all day long while sunbathing. As we have three days of nice weather every summer, the speaker will be lightly used. 

Until the next Phantom project emerges, merry Christmas to you all! 

Oh, I just remembered, I have a broken v1 remote I could try to fix. Nice to have another project.

RE: My Phantom voyage - Jean-Marie - 22-Dec-2021

You are definitely the king of the phantom DYI!

If Devialet ever decides to offer actual fixing of phantoms as a service, you should seriously consider applying!

Merry Christmas and happy new year!


RE: My Phantom voyage - ragwo - 22-Dec-2021

Thanks a lot and a merry Christmas and a happy New year to you too!

RE: My Phantom voyage - streamy - 22-Dec-2021

(22-Dec-2021, 22:25)ragwo Wrote: @Jean-Marie
Thanks a lot and a merry Christmas and a happy New year to you too!

Merry Christmas ragwo! Your thread here is so entertaining! And insightful!!
Thanks for this!