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Devialet Lost Recordings Open Event Feb 4th
It's a big old venue Ian, and at the moment it looks like its just the two of us to enjoy it!

For anyone interested in coming along, the session will run from 5:30 on Saturday 4th Feb until around 7:30. Drinks and a chinwag is highly recommended at OAC afterwards and all are welcome. Jon gave me the Sarah Vaughan record for X Mas (not the lacquer!) and I must say, it is a superbly mastered LP. Sarah chats away with her audience and it's a truely personal performance. I hope that the rest are just as good!

We will be sending out invitations over the next few days, spaces will be limited but I wanted to offer the opportunity to attend first to DChatters as a thank you for another great year having so many of you as customers. If anyone is interested, keep the emails coming and we will make sure that theres a space with your name on it.

Kind regards


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