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Phantom Silver or Gold? Im a newbie
(11-Jan-2017, 22:26)srima Wrote:
(09-Jan-2017, 14:48)Popplus Wrote: Hello,

Im a complete newbie. Wondering if I should get the Silver or the Gold version.

Not a audiophile guy, will be using it to watch TV, movies, sports, play video games and listen to music through spotify.
I will just get one, so not gonna have it in stereo mode and it will be placed in a 43 square meter apartment.

Will I notice any difference between the Silver og Gold version? Or should I just go for the Silver one.
Thanks for any advice.

I wrote a highly positive review of the Gold a while back, but I don't recommend them anymore. The software is just too unreliable. Don't buy either till Devialet fixes their broken software. Sad, their hardware is brilliant, their software is infantile compared to the competition.

I remember that review - something along the lines of we should all forget about experts and/or pro upgrades and buy the golds. Might be worth editing a little amendment if you feel differently now. Rolleyes

Devialet being useless at software is a huge issue for them. Why they're not on top of it by now I've got no idea.

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