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For international, (all not in EU) upgrade shipments
Very, very kind comments from you; thanks so much. It is so nice to hear that I was able to describe the sound in a way that you recognized and responded to. And I hope that you too are thrilled with the upgrade.

The idea of 'roundness' of a note still makes sense to me. It is being able to hear 'all around the note'. The way it starts, and the sound of it stopping. It is not just a technical thing that the amp does. It is about letting me see, so to speak, the note being played.

The UPS saga is familiar to many of us, I think. I made the same telephone calls you did, answering the same questions. My UPS tracking showed my amp literally going back and forth between Seattle and New Brunswick and Richmond- the amp has more AirMiles that I do.

I will PM regarding speakers. It is such a wide playing field. And you have access to some good dealers in the Okanagan. I am certainly a fan of the Lawrence Audio, and I have some modest familiarity with the Totems as well.

W4S Sonos Connect & VPI HW19 mkIII into a D220 Pro, thence made expansive by Lawrence Audio Violin SE speakers, capably carried by Analysis Plus Oval 9 speaker cable, and juiced by power cords and coax cables in decorator colors
Vancouver, Canada
At the office: NuPrime IDA-16 into Amphion Argon 1, QED cable, ordinary Sonos Connect

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