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Dirac and room correction software
(03-Feb-2017, 00:40)Hifi_swlon Wrote: Dont know the answer to that one. I'd imagine its not ideal as REW is trying to keep tabs n the clock for what its sending out and what its getting back. AIR will have buffers/delays and I guess there;s a chance it reports this back to the system, but not sure.

Someone will probably chime in now and say it works fine. Im just guessing, but Id plump for a cable. I bought a long USB extender for my umik-1 on amazon, pretty cheap. Does the job. But the SQ from the mic is appalling!!!


Its absolutely fine. Smile
You can use air and REW, just keep the buffer small to minimise the delay, it's ok with a really small buffer.
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I use DIRAC , but in a miniDSP box , the ddrc 22d. AIR has never worked for me , not sure if the DIRAC DAP works with air
you can attach the umik 1 mic to the usb of the puter you running dirac on .

However , You can use REW to measure and use the suggested bass eq in the roon DSP engine (which is awesome)

Dirac does not work the same as a simple parametric , but often just a simple parametric and bass correction is all you need
The DSP engine in roon is very good , the most significant thing about it compared to DIRAC is you can hear the changes you make instantly , whereas with dirac you need to mess with target curves , optimise , load the new filters etc.
IMHO the best is to use DIRAC and then the roon dsp engine to tweak. the target curve is a subjective thing anyway

Be aware there is 3-10 DB attenuation with dirac to avoid digital clipping..roon has got headroom management but if you only taking down peaks and not boosting anything , you dont need it
I have set my DIRAC to have 6db you have to play a lot louder on the devialet to get the same volume
Might be an issue with insensitive speakers.
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