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It strikes me that Devialet can (will) take one of two business models...

1) totally proprietary approach. That is, they will only directly support their own software solutions (SPARK, AIR, ...) although certainly other streaming solutions may ride on their technology (i.e. Roon will still work - either via AIR or the use of 3rd party hardware such as the uRendu or SMS-200).

2) utilize a much more robust OS to integrate other 3rd party streaming solutions such as RAAT and potentially others (i.e. in a manner, perhaps, as has Sonore or SoTM).

There are business cases for either and risks with both. But streaming will obviously be supported either way and neither will dictate nor necessarily constrain the streaming solution an Expert Pro owner will take. My guess is that Devialet will take the first approach. Either way, I'll continue to use Roon with my Pro.
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(18-Apr-2017, 11:58)Confused Wrote:
(18-Apr-2017, 11:54)ssfas Wrote: Incidentally Steve, we have more in common than you think! Both Londoners, 250 Pro users, I had Fact.8 and now have Harbeth. So we both have excellent taste, even if we differ on Roon.

Heart "Love is in the AIR" Heart

(Sorry, I couldn't resist.....)

Well, I'm all about a little love.....

Roon lifetime > Mac mini > AIR ethernet (finally!!! After 2 years!!!!) > Devialet 250 Pro > PMC fact.8
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sorry if already posted a review or question but did someone tried Roon with RP3 + Hifiberry digi+ pro ?
instead of an expensive microrendu or SoTM ?

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