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(03-Jun-2017, 11:23)Hifi_swlon Wrote: I don't have any issues SQ-wise since I'm already doing fairly heavy room correction and other eq so I'm hardly in the pure signal camp any more. It's also very convenient. But ultimately I disabled it because for the majority of music I listen to the attenuation is a lot and means higher volume settings on the amp.
I could reduce my dsp headroom since volume levelling probably gives enough - but then what if I play something with a good range score, will it clip? I decided to not bother and just embrace a bit of volume adjustment - otherwise what's the beautiful remote for!?

Same here, I am using convolution in Roon but volume leveling is set off. I have never noticed any need for volume leveling. The convolution filters that I am using have about -6db attenuation and I also use -4db headroom in Roon to avoid clipping. Therefore I need to use higher volume on the amp but that is totally fine with me.
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