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Raidho C1.1 with SAM
I noticed the graph on vote for SAM page relates to time correction.
Is there any data related to the low frequency response i.e. what would be the lowest frequency at which volume?
(22-May-2015, 08:59)Mikeeo Wrote:
(21-May-2015, 23:19)mirekti Wrote: I must admit I wasn't familiar with Raidho in the past. X1 looks quite affordable (compared to C1.1 and especially D1). But there must be a catch somewhere.
Do you maybe know what was sacrificed in X1 to get it's price half the C1.1?

I would definitely like to listen to them first, but didn't find any dealer in Dallas, TX area. Maybe when I am in Europe I'll try to find something there.

Oh, one other thing. I noticed in this article that C speakers intentionally had BBC dip introduced.
Does SAM set this flat or it is ignored? If it's flat it kills the speaker designer's idea of the sound, right?

Also, Raidho page claims 80Hz-50KHz, but on the Dev's vote page they are set to 49.4Hz and with SAM to 23.6Hz. I ended up being quite confused with these numbers.

X1 is a newer construction as told by the constructor himself in Munich. The construction is carried over from their flagship model the D5 and the idea is to have better pressure off loading. 
Stand is more simpler but put them on ceramic ball feet from their in house brand Ansuz or some other generic ceramic solution and things will be much better. 
The ceramic woofer is smaller but magnet system bigger per woofer size compared to C/D versions. The woofer is 4 inch but in my home it do very good down to 30 Hz and even some 25 Hz if not so loud. This is of course with SAM so playing louder will have SAM protecting your woofer and by that reducing the lower frequencies. I suffer this reduction a bit specially on classical and electro music but concerning the size of the speakers I am ok with it.
For me the X1 is more honest in the top bass to mid than the C/D versions and this is why I chose X1. The X1 can play loud without distortion and with amazing soundscape, with SAM better coherence is had and also bigger sound picture.

The measurements made by Dev is in room response but at what point I don't know but it has been discussed at several times on this forum, -6 or -8 dB!??? No doubt, I have an extra octave downwards with SAM. People ask for the sub when they hear the system.

The dip in C series is still there with SAM, to my ears.

Have listen and see how it works!

Guillaume really liked Borresens (Raidho) budget designs and so much he thought it was better than the 'higher' series, check them out:

Best of luck and please tell us your impressions/Mike

Hi, I have the X1's a month now and I found SAM to overdo low frequencies like for example Interstellar soundtrack. The woofers tend to make a light flickering sound as it seems the rubbers flex too much and too quick. Without SAM this does not happen (most of the time).
Share this experience with some tracks??

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