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Active crossover feature
(29-Sep-2015, 14:27)Jean-Marie Wrote:
(29-Sep-2015, 13:38)thumb5 Wrote:
(29-Sep-2015, 03:21)aisip Wrote: ...
2.  Reconfigure D200’s RCAs 1 and 2 as line out with high pass filters enabled.  This will be connected to the Symphonic Line and will drive the woofers.
3.  Enable low pass filter on D200’s speaker leads.  The Devialet will drive the tweeters.

Haven't you got the high-pass and low-pass filters the wrong way round there?

Yes I agree, I think it should be the other way wrong: the high pass on the leads driving the tweeters and the low pass on the RCA out driving the other amp driving the woofers....

And then of course you need to adjust the gains so that each path is having the same.....


Omigosh! You guys are right.  High pass for tweeters and low pass for woofers.  Gotcha.  Thanks again.  Will see my technician friend to fabricate the adapter cables this weekend.  Wish me luck.  I will keep you posted.  Happy listening to all.
There are 2 ways to set the relative volume between woofers and highs on the configurator:
Output voltage on low pass filtered analog out (relative level) or relative level on Devialet's amp (speakers) (-15 to +15dB) possible.
I am using the first option!

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