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What album are you listening tonight?
(13-Dec-2016, 20:46)Xander Wrote: This is one of my favourite  topics... finding nice new music I would never found myself / have looked for. Thanks all for posting, keep them coming!

It sure is a great topic. Once before was someone stating that is was a good idea to mention the music style and probably other info of importance to the music suggestions. For a while everybody was doing this... It would be nice to keep adding this info :-)
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The Dude by Quincy Jones (1981)

In the thread about "the pros vs the experts comparison", some of us wrote about the unforgiving rendition of poor 80s recordings (and there are indeed a lot of those). Did anyone recently listen to an Aitken, Stock and Waterman top 50 #1 ? Don't do it !

The recent loudness war (see the Death Magnetic by Metallica controversy) reminded me of a golden age ( kind of) and the best state of the art albums which were actually released in the... 80s.
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My all time favorites are the albums by Toto but tonight I'd like to share The Dude by Quincy Jones with you : ecclectism is the word. Patti Austin thrives, Louis Johnson's bass grooves not to mention Stevie Wonder or Steve Lukather's tasty rythm guitar parts.

Crank it up !

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Arrival - (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
American Football - Album LP2 -alt rock
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(11-Dec-2016, 18:06)Sharone Wrote: Leszek Mozdzer- Komeda
via Tidal
A piano solo album gem

Lovely album - thanks Sharone.

(Also on Qobuz, by the way.)
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Spooky Tooth-Spooky Two. 320 MP3. Prog rock

Spooky Tooth-The Last Puff. 
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Listening to this on TIDAL. Wonderfully recorded live album of 1958 show in DC with out of this world music. The modal left hand on Cheek to Cheek alone! Just went onto my list of favorite albums after one listen!
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Download from Qobuz vis Roon. Extremely nice contemporary jazz and very well recorded. The percussive parts just jump at you.

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