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SAM working on right channel (companion unit) only
Hi All,

I've managed to fix the problem with the assistance of Devialet support. It seems there was a glitch in the software update on my companmion unit (not a devialet fault, just an unfathomable glitch). Problem cured by taking new SD cards totally empty, reinstalling 8.1.3 on a card, setting both units up individually (I removed the link cable and unplugged whichever unit was not being updated). When both recognized and installed the update, I powered both down again, unplugged for a short time whilst setting up new configuration cards for both units.

When I turned on again, SAM was recognized and both channels are working fine, in fact much better than before, so you can see the relevance of having them set-up correctly.

I'm still disappointed with the time lost and messing about I've done to get them working to my satisfaction, not being a computer buff.

Thanks for the suggestions and advice of this forum as well.

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