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Devialet predictions for 2016 (The Devialet Almanac 2016)
2015 was obviously a big year for Devialet with the arrival of the Phantom.  The Expert range also had firmware updates, many new three letter acronyms and the suprise arrival of SAM Lab and the Original d'Atelier.   A bit of a mixed bag of a year for Devialet I would say.  The Phantoms & Spark have had their issues, the 8.x.x firmware release and SAM V2 was very problematic, but yes, they did get the Phantom to market.  Plus we now have the intriguing tie up with Apple.

Anyway, here is a challenge.  What are your Devialet predictions for 2016?  Please note that this thread is NOT intended a conduit for peoples "wish lists", such as the many who want room correction etc.  The intention is as a serious challenge to see who can most accurately predict what 2016 will bring in the world of Devialet.  The prize for the winner?  Well at the end of next year we can resurrect this thread and see who got it right, or at least who was nearest.  The prize will be the utterly enormous personal pride and kudos for the victor.

So I guess I had better start.

I predict:
Dialog compatibility with Expert will finally arrive, I would say by early summer.
There will be an announcement of a new smaller or lower cost Phantom.  (a very brave one this)
The traditional "in time for Munich" update will be a bit of a disappointment, no room correction or other popular "wish list" additions.
I'm also asking myself "will the mods in the Original d'Atelier trickle down to an upgraded Expert range, with a possible hardware path" - Prediction, no.
New Expert range - no.
Will the Apple tie up develop significantly?  No.  If anything this will fall apart.
There will not be a robust fix for AIR

To be honest, I'm hoping a few of these predictions will prove to be wrong!

So that's my wild shot in the dark.  What do you reckon?  See you in 12 months to see who was smartest!
I'll put my bet on just the one that will happen; If Tidal really goes MQA, Devialet will have to follow.

I don't see a hardware upgrade on the Expert range or a down grade on the Phantom. I thought the logical next step for the Expert range would have been a one box D800 or higher given the miniaturisation of the ADH technology for the Phantom but the Original d'Atelier has proved me wrong on this.
AIR can't be fixed, otherwise it would be done already.... sorry for the reality check guys.

Stab in the dark; Integrate the ADH technology into (portable) Apple products
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I am still betting on upnp/Dlna on experts (either natively on firmware 10 or via dialog) which will enable tidal mqa. I also think Devialet will launch another hardware, most likely expert mini for headphones or mini phantom that would replace soundbars (i.e. With hdmi as inputs).

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Phantom updated to Phantom 2, plus an updated version of Dialog.

Much improved tech support as Devialet increase its priority for customer support and the resources catches up with the rest of the company's development.
I hope the improved digital output board and the class A mods will be announced as possible upgrades for the Expert range during 2016. Would be very strange if all the development work this implies would only count for 200 units.
Maybe a small power increase as part of this upgrade?
As Roon endpoint is not part of Devialet's plan, UPnP/OH/DLNA could be - at least for Dialog. We'll see it for Munich if at all.
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I agree with much of what Confused said:

1. Dialog compatibility with Expert
2. A smaller lower cost Phantom
3. The A and D board mods in the Original d'Atelier trickling down to the Expert range, with a retrofit option, but no trickle down of the other changes
4. No new Expert range and no smaller Expert model
5. A gradual geographic development of the Apple tie up
6. No robust fix for AIR
7. (Perhaps behind the scenes in 2016) development of ADH for Apple products
8. Long shot - SAM development into room correction
9. Longer shot - Phantom headphones with integrated ADH amplification powered and fed digitally from mobile devices
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 Dialog/Phantom Gold/Tree pair

Phantom headphones... I can just imagine the cups pumping in and out
Lifetime Roon, Mac mini, int. SSD, ext. HDD, tv as monitor, key board and track pad on bean bag as remote,Devialet 200, O d'A #097, Blue jeans speaker cable, Dynaudio C1 MkII.
Jim Smith's GBS.
Northern NSW Australia.
Dialog for expert would in my opinion be only interesting if it would have an ethernet connection to the expert and that connection is much better sounding than any USB. There are many USB servers available and more will come at CES , Munich etc with Roon or similar software. I'm doubtful that Devialet can make a competitive USB  product and it may rank low on Devialets priority list.
Hopeful on the fix for AIR... but I'm not counting on it.

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