Poll: Do you own/use a turntable with your Devialet?
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Yes, I own & frequently use my turntable
37 54.41%
Yes, I own but rarely use my turntable
18 26.47%
Yes, I own but no longer use my turntable
1 1.47%
No, I don't own a turntable but I'm considering getting one
6 8.82%
No, I don't own a turntable and I'm not interested in getting one
6 8.82%
Total 68 vote(s) 100%
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How many Devialet owners use a Turntable?
I own and use my VPI Classic 1 c/w Phenix Cartridge about 40% of the time.
The phono stage on the Devialet is very good.

Devialet 440PRO - Audioprana SP/DIF-AES/EBU cable, VPI Classic TurnTable c/w Transfiguration Phoenix Cart, Raysonic 168 CDP, Aurender N100H Music Server, 
AudioQuest Diamond USB cable, B&W 803D3 (black) Auditorium 23 Cables, Carver TX11 Tuner.
                                                                                                                              Ottawa, Canada.
I have had a Roksan Radius with Nima arm and Corus cartridge for about 4 years but I am playing it less these days. This is possibly because of all the other options you have to choose from. In my case decent quality streaming (Quobuz) a large iTunes library and a decent CD/SACD player. Listening to digital has taken a distinct step up since I got the D200 and my current vinyl set up has become the poor relation I'm afraid. One major problem with the deck is a slight speed fluctuation (wow/flutter) which I never experienced with my previous AR deck. This has become quite irritating. I have around 600 LP's which I really would like to play more so I will be looking to upgrade soon as I am sure there is much better sound to be had from vinyl!
D400, Aurender X100L, Project Xtension 10, Ortofon Cadenza Black, Esoteric SA-50, Sonus Faber Olympica II, Atlas Mavros cables. Mutec MC-3 + USB.
I have a Basis Ovation/Vector 3/Syncrowave and Transfiguration Axis S running directly into a D200. I've had quite a few phono stages and the Devialet for me is one of the better ones.
I play vinyl every time when listening to music. I think Devialet phono stage in my le200 is very good though not dead silent. But I treat it as an extra free of charge feature. I do not have streaming thing but play digital using external hard disk and MacBook plus iTunes. Cheapy usb cable between MacBook and le200 (AIR not working satisfactorily). Since I play vinyl more and more, I seldom play digital music these days.
I voted for 'have one ... but not using it..' As I use room correction I would need the rc filters to run in the amp to work on all inputs including the phono input. I am still waiting for Devialet to keep their promise regarding rc in the amps DSP. Then I will start using my turntable!
microRendu 1.4::LPS-1::USPCB::Mutec MC-3+USB::250 Pro::Roon Core on Debian Linux::Intel NUC::Audiolense 5.0 filters::Netgear Ultra 2+ NAS::Monitor Audio MA201 (thoroughly rebuilt, now with a SAM profile)

Pink Triangle Anniversary / SME V / AT ART-9
Hooked up to either my D250 or Phantoms
Using my Linn LP-12 with Linn Akurate-DSM phono stage.
Devialet phono setup is not able to handle moving coil cartridges with low output, as there is a hiss (noise) of about 12dB higher than with the Linn phono stage. No vinyl owner could accept such noisy phono stage as with Devialet, IMHO.
I have a Clearaudio Concept MC connected to my D400 but dont use it very much.
Main system

TAD D1000mk2, Ansuz Signalz XLR, TAD M2500mk2, Cabledyne Premier Silver Speaker Cables, TAD CE-1, Ansuz Mainz 8D, Ansuz Darkz D-TC, DIY mains supply with N1XV 3G10, Klangmodul, XY-filter and ELEC IEC connector,

Tidal Hifi -> Roon Lifetime->Future streaming solution

Second system
Tidal Hifi -> Devialet Dialog, Devialet Silver Phantom, Devialet Tree

As posted in a separate thread, I refurbished the Thorens TD 160 Super from my father with a new cell on its SME arm and connected it to my Devialet 120. I have to confess the sound is quite astonishing, mostly bringing vivid memories from the Luxman/Cabasse era with my late father in the 80's.
Synology DS414 - RoonServer on MacMini (El Capitan) >DevialetAir3 via Ethernet - Roon (UI) on SurfacePro3 (Windows 10) - Thorens TD160 Super with SME 3009 (vintage!) and Denon DL103 (new) - Devialet Expert 220 Pro (upgrade from D120) - Cabasse Galion IV (vintage)
i use a Acustic Raven AC with Acustic Raven 10.5 tonearm and a Koetsu signature platinum cart and then into a Hashimoto SUT and then into Devailet

when i first got my D Premiers the phono stage was superb - so much so that i could not justify the need to keep my Audio Research Ref 2 phono stage

whilst the software upgrades have added extra functionality re changing settings on the fly - the phono stage appears to be more noisy - especially when in MC stage - but the noise is reduced when via the SUT and MM stage

i would trade the original phono stage software without the bells and whistles for the current version

as for listening it is dependent - i tend to listen in batches i.e. vinyl for a period of time (weeks) then digital (AIR) and then back again - driven more by music i want to listen to than SQ

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