Poll: Do you own/use a turntable with your Devialet?
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Yes, I own & frequently use my turntable
37 54.41%
Yes, I own but rarely use my turntable
18 26.47%
Yes, I own but no longer use my turntable
1 1.47%
No, I don't own a turntable but I'm considering getting one
6 8.82%
No, I don't own a turntable and I'm not interested in getting one
6 8.82%
Total 68 vote(s) 100%
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How many Devialet owners use a Turntable?
(18-Nov-2016, 20:45)Axel Wrote:
(18-Nov-2016, 00:14)mdconnelly Wrote:   For those of us that grew up with vinyl, it is a critical component in our musical appreciation.  

For a lot of us, it was the only choice apart from radio, until Philips bought out the first mono cassette recorder. I used to sit with a portable radio, with the mic. for the recorder in front of it, with my finger on the button ready to record the next track from the top ten. Our family record player was a  Dansette (mono) model. Sounds weird, but I remember the smell of it!  Happy days.

Ha... remember doing that!
Devialet 250 FW 9.0.1
Atohm GT SE1. Atacama stands
1. Mac Mini 2011 (SSD 16GB RAM)- Devialet Air 3
Audioquest Forrest ethernet cables, local network on separate router
- Qobuz/Audirvana 2+/ Audirvana app on iPad (Via Mac mini)
2. 1999 Rega Planet CD - with replaced mechanism
3. 2016 Rega P3 Turntable with Exact cartridge


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