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Slide over Multitasking for iOS
would be cool if the iOS App would support Slide Over Multitasking. Then it would be possible to adjust loudness with the app while using the USB-DAC with Roon for example.

THX and best regards!
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I would be happy if the App worked more than 30% of the time (majority of time I just get a spinning wheel in the middle).
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new & happy Devialet (and forum) user here.

iOS app is **VERY** poor
Besides the spinning wheel (Dev iOS programmers should read about threads before start coding), the app SHOULD replicate everything the remote does. i.e. tone controls, setting options (such as SAM), and ideally do a little more, as in (at a minimum) tell you what is the quality of the incoming stream (bitsize, sampleRate)

Dev should publish the coms protocol and let someone else (me?) do it
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Hi all the app does not seem to be developed with iOS SDK it seems to be built with Qt this is why it's so bad.
On the other hand it works on windows / osx / ios / android.
Please consider send email to devialet support if you find the application to be bad.

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