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Adieu / Farewell
I've enjoyed my Devialet 200 for the past 1.5 years and all-in-all, it's a great integrated amp with a very high WAF.

However, I've had a love affair with McIntosh since the late 80's and over the past few months, I've been auditioning & comparing different McIntosh integrated amps to my Devialet 200 in my home with my various sources & my ProAc speakers (my local McIntosh dealer has been extremely patient with me over the past few months).

To my tired old ears, the Devialet has always sounded a little too bright, dry, alive and digital. I know lots will disagree but that's always been my experience/impression. When comparing the sound to McIntosh, I find it more analog, laid back, relaxing and brings me back to those good old days when I first heard McIntosh.

So on the weekend, I traded in my Devialet 200 integrated amp for a McIntosh MAC6700 stereo receiver. This model is only sold in North America but is the equivalent to the McIntosh MA6700 integrated amp that is sold overseas, except the MAC6700 comes preconfigured with a built-in tuner.

So I'd like to take this time to thank all of you on this great forum that have taken the time to share their experiences, pics and provided some excellent advise!

Adieu / Farewell and keep on listening to music & enjoying your systems as life is just too short...
Just admit it. You just like the blue lights don't you? :-)

No need for the adieu/farewell! Once a DC member always a DC member, in fact please share your experiences with the McIntosh on here.   Smile

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I've been a McIntosh fan for many years and have owned their amps twice over the years.  I've not tried their integrateds and would love to hear a comparison of it to the Devialet.... relative strengths & weaknesses.   One thing you can say about McIntosh, they've been a survivor and cornerstone of this industry having started back in 1949!

Let us know your thoughts after you've had a little time with it.
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Yeah, samurai7595, please do share your McIntosh experience here. My friend owned the MC6900 model and it sounded great with Classical music. And, of course, like the blue lights, too.
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Yes, there's no need to apologies. I too have owned McIntoshes over the years. I don't think it's a question which is "better". It's different and sometimes I do long for the tube sound, sometimes I wish I can just switch out and enjoy things different.
Please do cont. to share with us your experience.

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Please stay in touch, it's all about the music and the experience
we all would like to know about your new toy, a real nice toy.

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Good luck with your Mac, buddy. And remember: It's all about the music!
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the question is what really makes the difference. The Devialet strongly depends on the source. If you use AIR or a simple USB connection it will not deliver 100%. If the Mac is driven by some good CD-Player or Streamer then this can make the difference. So knowing the source is important for this comparison. The differences between digital sources can be much bigger than the differences between amps.
I went the other way from Macintosh mc452 to le200

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