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Expert Pro sound quality
Great, happy for you !
With which firmware version your 220 pro came back ?
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(06-May-2017, 07:24)ledesc Wrote: Great, happy for you !
With which firmware version your 220 pro came back ?

Good question, the first thing I did after unpacking and plugging in all my cables was to download the current firmware 10.1.0, and to create a new config file as my old configuration was not usable any more.
I seem to have missed to activate the automatic WIFI off function when using the phono input as I now have a low pulsating noise when switching to phono. I will check this tomorrow.
Forgot to mention that there are some tiny particles visible under the screen shield of my remote since it returned back from Devialet. I was not really amused about that and I did send them a nice complaint message asking how to get rid of that.

Beside that all is fine.
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(20-Nov-2016, 19:39)moreno1973 Wrote:
(19-Nov-2016, 16:00)dasrotehaus Wrote: istead of upgrading, I changed the cd-player,using now a C.E.C. tl-5. i have to rehear all mc cd's, a really winning step.

What kind of COAXIAL cable You are using?

Sorry for my late answer: ViaBlue NF 75 silver

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