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Airplay for Phantom
When the phantom was introduces the website mentioned home cinema, that also disappaired silently from the once again it seems they cant deliver?
Any news regarding the golds AirPlay compatibility ?
Just got news from my dealer ... Gold phantoms have indeed an AirPlay chip implemented in them. Devialet took the mention out of their website as negociations or agreements with Apple were not totally finalized... The chip will be activated with the next firmware update. So yes golds are AirPlay-ready !
Why do i need airplay?
(17-Aug-2016, 18:03)Johnnydev Wrote: Why do i need airplay?

If you need to ask that question, you probably don´t need AirPlay.
I've read on the site that Airplay support is available through Airport Express, last time I've checked.
Airport express if you have White or silver... Not needed with Gold
(17-Aug-2016, 18:03)Johnnydev Wrote: Why do i need airplay?

If you use services directly available through Spark (Tidal, Spotify, Deezer, Internet radio) there is no need for Airplay. You can use Airplay through an Airport Express or Apple TV. It's a good backup to have to makeup for Spark's shortcomings as it gets developed. With Airplay you can play any sound from your Apple device. For example, while Spark can use the iTunes library, it is not gapless. You can use Airplay to stream gapless music.
Is possible that Spark in the future can stream sound, when watching movies from Apple Tv, Netflix etc?
2 x Devialet Phantom Gold / Branch + Dialog
Pioneer KRP-600M 60" Plasma Tv
Does anyone know when Golds get Airplay update? When I bought them they were advertised airplay speakers....

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