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Shunyata Research
(17-Jun-2017, 08:29)kerkhoffd Wrote: Did you get your hands on, and had any chance yet to compare the Sigma AES cable to the new Alpha AES Guillaume? I am considering a new source which has AES out. Using AudioQuest Diamond interconnect right now, but the Alpha might be in reach if it is clearly better than the Diamond. Sigma looks stunning too btw.

The Dutch importer seems to be well behind in communicating. Except for the Denali, there is no mentioning of any other new Shunyata product. No new powercords or new interconnects mentioned yet. Is there any guideline on what prizes to expect in Europe for the Digital interconnects? If so, I for one would appreciate the information (PM if not ready for the open ofcourse).

Not yet... I expect I will receive the Delta and Alpha AES cables in due course.

It might even be worth trying the Delta to be perfectly honest. Caelin tells me it is excellent and at half the price of the Alpha it might be a steal.

Regarding pricing in Europe can't really help you there as I only deal with the UK. I imagine it won't be too much longer before they announce their pricing. 

Industry disclosure: UK distributor for Shunyata Research

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