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Upgrade program kick-off
(31-Dec-2016, 23:35)james n Wrote: After a lot of deliberation and with just an hour or s0 left of 2016 - i've done it .

120 to 220Pro upgrade ordered  Big Grin

Nice one James! You've taken advantage of what is probably the best value upgrade of them all.
Hope the process goes smoothly and that you're happy with your 220 Pro. I'm sure you will be!

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Thanks Alex - luckily i didn't wake up this morning regretting anything so looking forward to getting the process underway and giving my 120 a little holiday across the channel. As much as i love my 120, the offer is too good to turn down.



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james n,
I have no doubt that you'll be very pleased with the upgrade. It is a very big step up; much more than I believed would be possible, as I felt the D120 was wonderful. Based on my own experience, I believe the D220 is more sensitive to speaker cables (and probably other cables) but that is just something that I found weak in my system.

Let us know about the turnaround time and your impressions when it gets turned on for the first time.
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Thanks Damon and thanks for the help further back in the thread. It made the decision easier. I'll report back on how it all goes.



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After some initial hesitation, I also took the plunge and opted for the upgrade. Ordered on Xmas Eve, and shipped last week Thursday with Devialet verifying receipt in France one day later.

Looking forward to getting my 250 (Pro) back! Smile
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Today I visited one of the major high end and Devialet dealers in Mannheim Germany to ask for a listening session of the Expert Pro series.... it turned out that dealers in Gernany have very bad experience with the  German distritubutor or Devialet so that it is does not seem to be in in their interest to offer the new Expert Pro line. Even my favoured Frankfurt dealer hes no news when to receive the Expert Pro.
Very very disapointing for the start of the year ...
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most european countries can use the online shop from Devialet, exception is Germany. Send a complaint to Devialet, maybe it is in their interest to chase the german distributor or replace him with the online shop. Then you could order a Devialet, listen to it and send it back if you don't like it...which will not happen frequently I guess...
(29-Dec-2016, 21:54)baddog Wrote: @maxijazz - where are you located? I would advise getting in touch with the local Devialet sales manager to work through this issue. If you cannot find that information I would ask Devialet support to provide you with that information and put you in touch with them.

I followed as advised and was able to order the upgrade thanks to dealer's help.
Thank you baddog!

After ordering my upgrade on New Years Eve (cutting it a bit fine!), i got an email from 'Judith' with my shipping label on the 4th of Jan and arranged collection with UPS for the 6th when i'd be at home. I had all the original boxes so no need to get those from Devialet. All securely packed, UPS picked it up this afternoon as arranged. If all goes well i should have it back by the end of the month.


Melco N1A > Chord Signature TA USB > Devialet 220 Pro > Van Damme Blue > Shahinian Compass
After much considerartion I ordered the upgrade as well on the 30th of december. My D200 will be picked up on monday by UPS. This is the first time that I make a change to a completely satsisfying setup. I like the sound of my D200 with firmware 7.1.3. We will wait and see...
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