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Upgrade program kick-off
Really curious how you like the 220 with the Olympica II Arjan. did you already hear it on your own speakers?
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I will let you know! I have heard the 220 at a dealer with the latest firmware. I have not heard the 220 on my own system. For the D200 owner it is difficult to decide whether to go for the 400 or the 220. I really like the sound of the D200 with 7.1.3. In the end I decided to go for the latest platform and the new streamer board.
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The Netherlands
So just curious... is there still an upgrade program now that we're in the new year?
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(07-Jan-2017, 16:07)mdconnelly Wrote: So just curious... is there still an upgrade program now that we're in the new year?

Looks like it. And they still offer the board for free it seems.
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Thanks to the mostly positive reviews and posts on upgraded experts, I have made the decision to upgrade my Expert LE 400 to a 440PRO. My LE 400 is less than 12 months old, so I took advantage of the discounted upgrade cost and got my order in before 25 December 2016 to get the free streamer board (whatever it is and does!!) UPS pickup my LE400 on 19 January. Will update posts here on my (rather my LE400) upgrade journey to Paris and back and of course my impressions when I get my 440PRO back.
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The difference is that they are not telling you. I'm sure they have the design,high level specs, testing different parts, optimising stuff.... R&D takes time, and one of the phases is setting g a price / commercial model / specs on forehand. So, I don't think its strange...

I understand that some will not make a decision on this, but others will, just on reputation or believes or hopes...
My 250 Pro arrives tomorrow! Smile

Devialet confirmed receipt on 4 Jan, which means a 13 day turn around for pick-up and return delivery in Europe.

Not bad.
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My two upgraded D200 now two D220 return tomorrow also received by Devialet on the 4th January, impressed at the turn around
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(07-Jan-2017, 10:40)KraaijCheck Wrote: Really curious how you like the 220 with the Olympica II Arjan. did you already hear it on your own speakers?

I can say that the 220 is a very very good combination with SF Olympica II speakers. First did the upgrade to the 220 ( coming from 120) and after a few weeks upgraded my speakers coming from Audio Physic Tempo 25 speakers. No regrets what so ever.
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Did you guys get any updates from Devialet whilst your unit was away or just a mail to let you know return shipping details. Mine shipped on the 4th and according to UPS arrived on the 6th - no updates since then ?


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