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KEF LS50 wireless
(01-Feb-2017, 20:50)Mario Wrote: Hi, I had to get rid of my LS50, as they distorted heavily on piano recordings. They were replaced with a pair of XTZ 99.25 with Beryllium tweeters, and they sound superb. Gonna wait a little bit more for the  Phantom Golds until they get their act together, and go Dow now in price. At the moment, I don't feel that they are goo do value for money, or that they reflect their worth!

it is a well known fact that the LS50 require good amplification to sound their best. they might be a budget bookshelf in terms of pricing) compared to others but they require powerful audiophile grade amplification.

the mids and the treble are great on the LS50 wireless. the bass (not broken in yet) has a lot of timbre and texture. much more detail on the instruments. the phantom on the contrary have a full sounding bass that lacks that texture.

the phantoms sound more impressive....but that defies what high-end is about imo. I am looking for a natural sound not club sound.

that certainly does not mean that I do not enjoy the phantoms. I love them mainly for electronic music. but for anything acoustic the kef wins hands down.
A LS50 wireless makes no sense to hook up to an expert since it is doing its own amplification so the only thing needed is a good transport which of course the expert is but there are a lot cheaper ones.
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