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Devialet teaser 11-11-2016 / 'The lost recordings'
Now that would explain why I'm already waiting for 4 weeks to get a new remote which was reported out of stock. The factory is busy producing new stuff which is not a problem as customer care is not a priority on the company roadmap anyway
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If you combine the image with the text; Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats. The next act will begin shortly.
And look at a phantom peaking out of it's packaging in the dark..

The long promised homecinema.. latency free...

Please hit me.. i must be dreaming.. Undecided
Mini phantom for home theater?

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Quote:Starting work soon for a whole new Devialet experience, the 5.5 Phantom home theatre system.

With each phantom capable of earth shattering 14Hz and 108 dB. Coupled with true audiophile sound quality , It will be Super awesome.

We will be closed for the next 5 days for renovation. Pls proceed to our level 3 main showroom for any sales enquiries.
It's a Phantom Sub. Front is Aluminum and the prominent hemisphere is the bass chassis (it's black) like all the phantoms but bigger.
For sure the upcomming completion for 5.1/7.1

Ok, next bet... Tongue
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"Oh, you can buy the other. But then it is a cost intensive learning process"
I would imagine 5 phantoms would generate plenty of bass if you could route the sub channel through them!
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I still see a vinyl record. New phono stage perhaps?

Given that phantom golds are still pretty new, as is the Pro range, I can only imagine a new product range.

But really, who knows? I guess we'll just have to wait.
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A large office block full of support staff, and expert programmers?
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I am fed up with Devialet's marketing stragery. There have been so many things about Devialet that we need to guess - difference between firmwares? when will something be released (like streamer board)? when will something REALLY be released in finall? the price of the upgrade? in what way the upgrade would be carried out? We need to make a guess on something for lots of months which is totally not necessary.
(12-Nov-2016, 00:16)Soniclife Wrote: A large office block full of support staff, and expert programmers?

Haha! That made my day!! 
And it's early even... Big Grin
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