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Simon's system
(23-Apr-2017, 13:18)sdn660 Wrote:
(22-Apr-2017, 21:27)K4680 Wrote: Hello Simon, is the intention that the loudspeaker cables on a channel are exchanged (Picture 4)?

Hi K4680,
Thanks you for your comment. You have an eye for detail  Smile .

At the time I took the picture I had connected one of the speaker cables the "wrong" way on both sides (amp and speaker). So my speakers were connected in phase. (#9 & #12)

I changed it a few weeks ago. I had to disconnect my system anyway because of the changes in setup.
Hi, I know this from myself! Sometimes you are so deep inside, there have been times L + R confused Angry or hot and cold at LS. A lot of fun with the great equipment!
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(23-Apr-2017, 08:54)octaviars Wrote: Have you considered trying a Ansuz Mainz 8D? I find that it is one really good powerstrip that lifted my system when I got that instead of a Isotek Aquarius Evo 3.

I also run Ansuz P powercables to my D440pro.

The Radios are great speakers I also had them as an option when I bought new speakers but in the end I decided to go with Focal Sopra No.2

Hi Fredrik,

Thanks for your feedback.

Actually I did consider Ansuz Mainz 8 and Nordost and Shunyata. 
And I'm sure either one of them would be very nice upgrade. 
I am happy with the power supply right now. I think my next change - if any - would be in components.

Focal Sopra is very nice! I did audition them once. At the time it wasn't possible to AB testing with Raidho X2 (and others).
I liked them a lot. And driving them with D440 it must be very nice combination. Enjoy !
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